I love these guys. After many, many attempts - we FINALLY pinned down an evening to hang out and explore Davidson together. We got real about Jesus and talked about faith and music and Donald Miller and things that in general make my heart really, really happy.

We hit the road and drove up to Davidson to see their AMAZING venue for their wedding in a couple of weeks, at the end of the month. While there, we decided to do a tiny-mini-engagement session just so they could get a feel for how I shoot. Haha, they probably didn't get the best idea of what a typical session with me is because we literally shot for like, 15 minutes.

But in those 15 minutes, I was able to capture and experience these two. How they look at each other. How relaxed they are just being together. How precious they are.

I cannot WAIT for their wedding. You guys rock!

{Side note: THIS is why I wish fall would hold off for a little. The golden light of summer is my absolute favorite. Shooting outside is totally my element.}