I have the best "clients" in the world. I could be bias, but I'm so blessed to be in an industry where people *have* to let you in. Each of you have to be vulnerable with me. I'll see your flaws, I'll see that crooked tooth on the bottom row because, yes, I'll be that in your face. I'll see the love you have for your significant other, or the time in your life that you want to remember. You bring me into these moments because I get it.

Recently, I've been putting effort into getting reviews because I feel like if you haven't booked me, you deserve to find out what other people think of me. How I am on the job, how I present myself.. I'd want to read a review on something before I invest money into it.

I've recently put my Wedding Wire link on the left slidebar of this page, so feel free to check it out.

Here are two of my most recent reviews. I have the BEST clients-turned-friends in the entire world :) Love each of you!

From Steph, "Where to begin with the AMAZINGLY TALENTED Emily Chidester? Emily and I met when we both worked for the same retail store back in 2010. She always told me that we needed to do a photo shoot and in March of 2011, I decided that it would be nice to have some portrait photos for my family. I was nervous, because I am no model, but as soon as I got in front of the camera, Emily made me feel at ease. Photo shoots can be intimidating and awkward when you are not a professional, but with Emily's expertise, I never felt vulnerable. Not only was I having fun, but she was too! It never seemed like she was "on the job." It was apparent that Emily truly enjoys her profession and strives to capture your beauty. Her talents don't end at taking pictures- She has a real craft at editing as well. I was so thrilled with how my photos came out that as a graduation gift for my younger sister, I scheduled another session for the both of us. My sister, Alison was very nervous about it but Emily even before the photo shoot would message us and we would discussed venues, clothes, colors, make-up, hair, everything! Emily involves herself from the very beginning, which made Alison feel automatically at ease. We had the best time! She has a very good sense of humor and would use that to capture our natural smiles and laughs and when the photos came out, you could tell that our expressions weren't forced, which is what made them so beautiful. Emily is not only a true professional, but a wonderful person and an absolute joy to work with. I know for a fact that I will be hiring her in the future - sooner rather than later. It is worth every penny because the end results are fabulous. Hiring Emily a no-brainer."

From Ellen, "One word: AMAZING! I am very picky about photography, but when I saw Emily's pictures I had to have her. Not only is she the kindest and sweetest person in the world, but her pictures are incredible. Throughout the whole process she was more than accommodating and was so nice to work around my crazy schedule. Her photography is beautiful, and she did a wonderful job at all three photo sessions I had with her. If you get a chance to work with Emily, you NEED to or you will miss out. Every part of the experience was easy and stress free. She is by far the best vendor I worked with, and I am thrilled with her work. Trust me you will not be disappointed, Emily is absolutely wonderful!!"