Oh...my gosh.To say that I love these two would be a COMPLETE understatement.

I have known McCrea for almost like, 9 years now? {Whoa. Weird.} and I knew OF Troy from going to school with him, but I wasn't actually blessed enough to call him friend until recently.

Everyone has those friends that you have had forever, and you can go without talking for weeks, months, and in my case, years? And things are totally normally and it feels like ya'll never stopped? That would be me and McCrea. So when I got her inquiry about shooting her wedding, I was so pumped!

These kids love each other well. They have so much fun with each other, and have spirits of joy that are so infectious. I have NEVER had this much fun on an engagement shoot and I totally think you can tell. They fit perfectly with and for one another and I literally cannot wait until the party that will be their wedding.

I could write a thousand words on these two, but I think the pictures will show you how lovely they are.

Seriously. Ya'll rock. Cannot wait to see you again!!

xoxo, Em