Ya'll, this is going to be a huge post. Hope you're ready! I've said this before, I rarely do family sessions.

However. When Nicci emailed me and said "Hey, let's do some shots of the inside of my FREAKING AMAZING house and also maybe some shots of my ADORABLE family".. .I couldn't say no. (Disclaimer: she didn't actually say that, but she might as well have!) They have recently redone their kitchen and wanted to get some pictures of it's huge transformation (which I would totally suggest you seeing by clicking on the blog link down below!)

Nicci and Sol are those kinds of people that I can easily explain as the salt of the earth. They are quiet and humble and so immensely creative. They love their little Junie James and have an amazing home that just feels so cozy and full of love.

If I'm going to shoot family portraits, this couldn't have been a better introduction. They invited me into their home, made some sticky buns and we just hung out and talked while I snapped some pictures every now and then.

I hope you guys enjoy these!

Sol & Nicci, thanks so much for sharing your morning with me! Oh and hey! You should definitely check out their stuff.

Bunch Collective  ::  Bunch Collective Tumblr :: Icci Design Blog :: Bunch Store

(The above shot is one of my favorites of this entire session.)