One of the many things I loved about Meagan and Kevin's wedding was the portion of time after the ceremony ended. Their reception site was literally a 10 second walk from their ceremony site, so after they walked down the aisle, all of their guests left their seats to greet them. It was so cool to watch this flock of people who were just so excited to hug and kiss on the two, to share their congratulations. I've never experienced such a lawless wedding. That joy soaked into their wedding party portraits, as you can tell. This group of people, I really can't find adequate words for. Sneaking sips from flasks? Check. Agreeing to do anything I asked them to? Check. Maybe the two went hand in hand but it was AWESOME and I don't think I've felt so accepted from a group in my history of weddings. They really broke that imaginary bubble surrounding the photographer from really becoming a part of the group. Thanks for letting me in, guys! You are all fantastic. And really freaking good looking. You know that the bride/groom shots are going to be incredible when the bride stops you to ask "Can I just kiss him, now?" to which I emphatically responded, "YES!! YOU GUYS ARE FREAKING MARRIED!!" We didn't have too long to shoot but it was short and sweet. What a gorgeous pair.

I really can't say enough how much fun we had shooting this wedding. I hope you guys enjoy these as much as I enjoyed being a part of the day!