I can't thank my sister-in-law enough for referring her sweet friend, Amber, to me for her maternity pictures! From the get-go, I knew I liked her. Even over email, she was kinda spunky. We planned our session around the time of year that these blooms grow for like, A WEEK down in Fort Mill. Luckily, they were still there when we met up. Unluckily for us, there were 5 other photographers (who had lights and scrims and all that unnecessary jazz) so it was interesting to have to shoot around them!

All that aside, Amber and Joe were so awesome to work with.. easy-going, fun, unafraid to snuggle and love on each other.. my ideal couple, really. I think that helped in capturing some of these beautiful shots - altogether, they trusted me.

Huge congratulations to you two, I hope that the birth of your little boy is easy and beautiful!

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