all killer, no filler.

i went on a grand adventure with a handful of my close friends early last month. we went on a camping trip called "photo field trip"- which is basically just a get away in santa barbara at el capitan canyon for photographers to learn, create, and have community with other amazing people in the same craft. i got to meet and learn from so many people that i've studied and followed for so long. and it was beyond refreshing to see that they were normal people, who struggle with self-doubt and creativity issues just like i do.

sometimes, when you're surrounded by such incredible talent it's hard not to compare yourself and your work and say "well, how did they get to be where they are? am i not good enough? how do they book those kinds of weddings?" - and in reality, it's all a matter of (yes, say it with me, that God-forsaken thing called) TIME. we are each on our own journey through this crazy industry and we learn what works for us through individual experiences and failures and awesome moments. honestly, i've only been doing this as a full time job for a year (shot many years before this, but only one as a legit LLC) and i've learned the most incredible stuff about myself and what works for me. how to get those incredible moments with my couples and have them trust me on their big days. that's why i take such few weddings and do questionnaires (to learn if we're a good fit, to foster a mutually beneficial relationship) and send goodies.. i like to make people feel loved! but having a gift-giving nature doesn't come easy for everyone. anyway, i took classes with sean flanigan, benj haisch, ben sasso, dan o'day, jenny jimenez, braedon flynn, jessica peterson, and a handful of other really talented photographers. i took away a ton and left a lot at the campground, which you'll hopefully see implemented this year in my work&business!

i don't even know where i wanted to go with this post but to say that i'm unbelievably grateful to have gone on this trip. i got to hang out with so many old friends (including a handful of my loves from my don't give up trip last july), meet so many internet-turned-new friends, and made so many new friends. it was nice to just enjoy being in a beautiful place full of gorgeous scenery. and as a bonus, after our trip ended, i headed to LA for a couple of days to stay at a fantastic air bnb with my friends alicia, megan and kaley (which is where the photoshoot you'll see below came from!)

enjoy this picture heavy post :) IMG_1155IMG_1157IMG_1161IMG_1166IMG_1169 copyIMG_1205IMG_1208 copyIMG_1212IMG_1230IMG_1234IMG_1241 copyIMG_1253IMG_1259IMG_1266IMG_1267IMG_1286IMG_1307IMG_1326IMG_1331IMG_1346IMG_1347IMG_1358IMG_1360IMG_1367 copyIMG_1369IMG_1380IMG_1392IMG_1406IMG_1414IMG_1415IMG_1419IMG_1428IMG_1438IMG_1446IMG_1461IMG_1463IMG_1470IMG_1471IMG_1472IMG_1475IMG_1476IMG_1478IMG_1479IMG_1480IMG_1481IMG_1483IMG_1484IMG_1492IMG_1493IMG_1495IMG_1496IMG_1500IMG_1502IMG_1504IMG_1505IMG_1533 copyIMG_1539IMG_1541IMG_1542IMG_1554IMG_1557IMG_1559IMG_1568IMG_1583IMG_1593 copyIMG_1595IMG_1597IMG_1598IMG_1599IMG_1603-1IMG_1603-2IMG_1604IMG_1617IMG_1622 copyIMG_1672IMG_1675IMG_1691IMG_1706IMG_1718 copyIMG_1720IMG_1740