I knew as soon as I got the answers to Kendell and James' questionnaire, I wanted to be a part of their story.These two are so in love with each other. A quiet, powerful and steady love that's unbelievably evident both in words and in person.

Kendell and I hit it off immediately, over our love for the same movies, candy, and general sass on both of our parts. She's so hilarious, kind-hearted, and totally welcoming. Like I said, we hit it off immediately and that has made my entire role of being their photographer shift into an easy and growing friendship. And I can say the same for James - he's one of the nicest guys I've been privileged to make pictures with. On our drive around the city, he asked me questions, made an effort to get to know me, and didn't buck when I asked him to do things that other guys might deem "stupid" - these two worked so well together and listened to me and trusted me. I hope I was able to do their love justice through these pictures!

I can't wait for their wedding in June.. you'd better believe I'm going to be stuffing some catered Chickfila sandwiches in my face and dancing alongsie you guys! ECP_K&J-1ECP_K&J-7ECP_K&J-16ECP_K&J-17ECP_K&J-22ECP_K&J-31ECP_K&J-36ECP_K&J-39ECP_K&J-48ECP_K&J-54ECP_K&J-59ECP_K&J-62ECP_K&J-63ECP_K&J-75ECP_K&J-84ECP_K&J-88ECP_K&J-91ECP_K&J-98ECP_K&J-105ECP_K&J-110ECP_K&J-121ECP_K&J-123ECP_K&J-125ECP_K&J-127ECP_K&J-135