This session is very, very near and dear to my heart. Meet my incredible brother John, and his beautiful wife Sara.

Sara had been pestering me for awhile (she'll deny it) about doing pictures and our schedules just never aligned, until my birthday weekend. We were blessed with beautiful light and amazing company (you'll see Lauren & Kyle's pictures next!) that day in early November.

So, as you can tell, they're a beautiful couple. But their beauty extends way further than how cute they are together. I have never seen a couple more in love with both each other and actively pursuing a relationship with God. As John's sister, I've seen it all- their love & their fights. I've seen their laughter and their tears, and when Sara thinks John is being an ass (excuse my language) and when John thinks Sara's being the most stubborn person, ever. But I also see the random flowers that John will send to Sara on any given day, or the care that Sara puts into their home to make it a safe haven to come back to at the end of a long work day. You can see it too, in they way they look at each other. They've been together for close to eight years and are still wildly in love with each other. And I am so proud of them for who they've allowed the Lord to let them become and where they are in life. I look up to both of them in such different ways. Sara is the most selfless person I've ever met and she has such a tender, loving heart. And John.. well. There aren't enough words in the english language to express how much I respect and admire him for the man he is. If I can meet a guy who is half the man my brother is, I'll be content.

We are the three musketeers. I wouldn't trade anything in the world for these two. (AND MADDEN! My favorite pup, ever. She's the best, seriously.)

“You don’t love somebody because of their looks or their clothes or their car. You love them because they sing a song nobody but you can understand.”

for your viewing pleasure..