Photography is magic. 

Think about it. One click, and a memory is captured FOREVER. One click. One little mechanic moment and something you see through a lens is documented. Even though I have a formal education in photography and the organs of my camera have been dissected time and time again for exams (not literally) - I still have a really hard time comprehending that I am literally making little impressions of time in a memory card.

I have a very romantic view of photography because of that.

This world both beautiful and tragic, and I'm here to document it all.

I want to be absorbed in the moments I document. I want to cry when you cry, move when you move. I want to feel that emotion and freeze those seconds. I want to step back and have you two just love on each other. Engagement sessions are a point in time when you're celebrating your love. In a very intimate way, snuggling in a field (what, you don't do that?) or holding each other with your noses touching, not even having to speak. I don't want to stage you, so your head tilts just so, or your dress is fluffed out perfectly. I want to capture you spreading cream cheese on your bagel the morning of your wedding, and the look that passes from a bride to her groom when he's not even looking. Or hugging a dear friend goodnight at the end of the day.  I want to get all of those little details you will have forgotten about when it's all said and done.

I have a very different mentality when it comes to capturing your wedding, your engagements, your moments in general. The only thing posed on your wedding day that will come from me will be your family portraits (maaaaaaiinly because that's the most stressful time of the day and there's a huge need for structure).

So often, we get caught up in the details because there's a huge stress from society (aka pinterest) to have a wedding day, or an engagement session, or even a family session be PERFECT and styled. Guys, I hate to break it to you, but pinterest is not real life... Don't get me wrong- I am completely obsessed with the details. I live for them. But we can't forget about the big picture. When I'm at the store, talking to brides about calming down because they're SO STRESSED about a menu card looking beautiful.. I just look at them and say with a smile, "HEY! You'll be married at the end of the day. That's all that matters, right?" and they'll smile at me with a small sigh of relief and agree. We've got to stop focusing on the wedding and remember the commitment. That's honestly why I love shooting outdoor weddings as much as I do- there's something so serene and peaceful about shooting an outdoor venue because you feel closer to God. There aren't fluorescent lights, or red carpet, or horrible plastic flowers decorating the aisle. There's a slight breeze that floats through the air, probably the smell of grass or flowers, and soft sunlight.

I've really started honing in on what I love seeing from other photographers, and what I want to emulate in my passion. When you look at (my hands down favorite) photographers like Jonas Peterson, Benj Haisch, Andria Lindquist, or one of my local (and dear new friend) favorites, Jenna - sure, they're absolutely stunning images. But more than that, there is a warmth (both in tone and in feeling) in their shots. You feel like you know their subjects. You want to curl up with a cup of coffee and read their journey, see their love. I want you to feel that when you see my photographs.

Anyway... Let's get back to basics. That is my goal for this next year. I have been immensely blessed with the couples who have let me into their lives, to document their love in all sorts of ways - but let's go even BIGGER this next year!

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{Also, if you guys read this.. and have anything to say- leave me a comment. I'd love to hear!}