engaged // amanda & jeff // charleston, south carolina

where do i even start with these two? if you follow my facebook or my blog, you probably see me talk about the relationship between me and my couples and how that's important to me.. and how i really place emphasis on getting to know each other because that makes the entire experience mutually beneficial.

amanda and jeff encapsulate everything i've just mentioned. we've been talking since around last august, when i saw their engagement video that our mutual friend shared (where i commented and said "um i want to know these guys, they're hilarious!" - see below) and then when amanda found my work on her own -  and we immediately hit it off. i loved their sense of humor, how carefree they were, how happy and bright their lives seemed.. and i'm so thankful that amanda and jeff picked me to document their love story. i actually hadn't met them until the day of their engagement session, when i drove to charleston and sat in their (superrrr clean) bedroom, talking about nothing and everything and bonding over our love of weddings, what we do, and life in general.  because of our constant communication, (i think amanda and i have texted more than we've emailed), love for ryan gosling, killer sense of humor and their amazing taste in music - it felt like being with old friends.

guys, they even shampooed their carpets because i stayed with them and i'm allergic to their dog & cat! so awesome.

anyway, we picked up and explored for the next four hours, chasing the gorgeous light, unsuccessfully avoiding gnats, ants, spiders and snakes - but believe me when i say this: these two are so good together. as you can see, they just giggle and laugh and make fun of eachother and are so easy together.

i could gush about them for hours but i'll save that for a month when i shoot their super intimate ceremony/reception!

love you guys. even knowledge. thanks for being adventure seekers.

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(do yourself a favor & spend some time exploring their vimeo! or click here for dreampop media's website!)