engaged // katherine & andrew // south carolina wedding photographer

i am so, so glad that katherine and andrew stumbled into my life because of a recommendation from a sweet friend of mine. after spending a couple of hours together chasing sunlight,  i can definitely say that these two are funny, easy to love, have awesome hearts and most of all, are seriously in love. they just melt into each other. we talked about everything from divergent & the fault in our stars to music we love and things we dream about.. katherine is a wedding photographer,  (who scouted this amazing location) so she totally gets me on where i'm coming from and it was so nice to talk to someone whose a bride *and* a photographer. she's so pretty, a little shy and is super dry & witty and i love how unexpected it is. and andrew is hilarious (we had a freakout moment over those books we both love) and also tall. like, seriously tall. but more importantly, he loves katherine so well.

you guys are seriously awesome. i'm so glad we were able to do an engagement session! i can't wait for your gorgeous wedding in a month! (eek!)