wed // emily & joe // saint simon's island, georgia.

i know i say this often, but i really don't know where to begin with this blog post! 

i guess the easiest thing to start with is how emily and i met. 

back in 2013, i decided to go to the parson's "don't give up" workshop. little did i know that i would walk away with so many incredible friends for life, and a totally rewritten story, both in terms of my personal life and business attitude. emily was also there! we were paired together a bunch as "the emily's" and immediately clicked. we sat on the floor of a meadow in colorado and poured our hearts out to each other, made some images together, and started an amazing friendship. 

all of our group has kept in touch through social media (thank goodness), so i wasn't surprised to see emily announce her engagement to her sweet boyfriend of FOREVER - but i *was* surprised when she emailed me and asked me to be her photographer! emily knows so many amazing people in the industry and i'm beyond honored that i was her pick. then, she told me her wedding was going to be small, intimate, and in a gorgeous place her and her family have visited since she was a child! it's a second home for her and her loved ones, and also where her amazing mother was laid to rest. emily loves going down to SSI to visit her mom's grave and her grandmother, who is the most important person in her life. i noticed that right off the bat :)

emily has the best smile, the most contagious laugh and the happiest spirit. she's also an incredible photographer (click here!) and joe is a perfect pairing for her energy. these two have an obvious chemistry and love for each other that i know will be a beautiful and long-lasting story. 

i was the happiest girl in the world to be able to have my sweet intern, katherine (click here!) alongside me as a second shooter. she kicks some serious ass.  - we had so much fun exploring the area on our time off with the ever incredible videographer that is david fiser (click here!) - seriously, guys. if you don't know his work, you need to block off about an hour and go through his website. he is absolutely incredible at what he does and i can only hope to work with him again! needless to say, the three of us had so much fun. huge thank you to emily and joe for treating us all like members of the family! 

anyway, ENJOY our images and his video from our wonderful time in georgia!