wed // caitlin & eric // lake norman, charlotte, north carolina

"here's to all the places we went.
and here's to all the places we'll go.
and here's to me, whispering again and again and again and again:
i love you."

i've said this time and time again, i love it with my couples become dear friends of mine. that's the whole reason i shoot weddings, aside from making sweet moments permanent memories. that human connection, that community and relationship is beyond important to me. that's why i take on less weddings a year and am "picky" about the ones i do take on. i want to make sure i'm the best possible match for you and your fiancee. it just makes for a beautiful wedding day. 

i knew the moment i got caitlin's FIRST email a year ago, i knew i'd love this girl. who couldn't love her when she opened an email with this, 

"anyway, she had commented on one of your blog posts and I had just spent a solid hour (don’t tell my boss) searching for photographers. it was like the Red Sea of wedding photogs parted and there you were! seriously though, i had a moment sitting at my desk pouring through your posts. i wanted someone to capture the little moments as well as the big ones, and i could see how much you cared about each couple you worked with. i loved your work instantly."

since then, we've spent hours upon hours texting about everything from the walking dead to ridiculously awful books and characters and everything. she's my soul sister. and eric has the sweetest love for caitlin, amazing taste in music (and thankfully), also had a bunch of awesome, happy groomsmen by his side. walking into their wedding day, it truly felt like i was just heading to go hang out with friends all day. which, a lot of my days have felt like this year, and i'll never take that for granted. 

they were married at his parent's lake house, so everything felt so intimate. plus, the two of (with some help from their families) did everything. eric cut all the wood centerpieces, caitlin set up EVERYTHING and wrote the chalkboards. they took DIY to a super pretty level. okay,  to be honest, caitlin and eric's day was beautiful, start to finish.  from her amazing bridesmaids helping me with whatever i needed, to her and eric's super sweet first look, to their pup murry walking around all day, loving on guests, to their gorgeous ceremony by the water to the thunderstorms that interrupted the reception and left us with two huge, pretty rainbows, to all of their friends dancing away under cafe lights. 

alright, alright. enough of me talking. enjoy these images. love you two!! 


hair & makeup for bride and bridesmaids by jennifer abercrombie beauty!