wed // taylor & dan // charlotte, north carolina

where do i even begin with taylor and dan? 

two people who have become my among my favorite friends to spend time with (and don't make me feel like a third wheel).  i mean, hell. they're basically the godparents to murphy! two people who get me and my weirdness and totally share their own quirks. two people who are absolutely, hands down some of the funniest people i've ever met. two people who are loved immensely by everyone whose lives they touch. 

two people who are madly, on the soul-mate-level in love.

there were so many moments that stand out in my mind about their beautiful wedding day. meeting taylor at the home her and dan share together to get her into her dress. the moment taylor's best friend sarah called her from around the globe, checking in to tell her she loved her and wishing her happiness for her beautiful day. when dan saw taylor for the first time and they both had gigantic smiles across their faces, along with some tears on dan's cheeks. taylor's sister's amazing speech, quoting something she wrote on valentine's day for liberty college, before even met dan. (pictured below!)

"although i may be spending this valentines day by myself, I'm OK with it. my prayer is that one day the Lord will bless me with the lifetime of love and happiness that my grandparents had. until then, i will patiently wait for my darling."

i'm just sitting here, trying to write up this blog post.. but nothing right is coming out.
so, instead, i'll share the images and hope they can speak for me.