mentor session // carrie

one of the many things i love about what i do is the fact that i have a chance to connect with amazing people.

enter carrie.

this mama (of two!?) is now one of my favorite people. we clicked, immediately, over email and instagram and then in person, there was no awkardness, no lapse in talking.. it was like we've known each other forever. 

after a lot of back and forth, we finally settled on doing a session in charlotte, so carrie met me there from charleston and we spent the day together, shooting in some of my favorite little spots in my neighborhood, then finally settling down for a dinner to share our hearts (actually, to yell at each other over super loud mexican music, but that's a different story) and got to know each other. and now we're planning her vow renewal and i'm so excited to shoot that because this mamacita has incredible style and i know it'll be nothing short of beautiful.

she's hilarious. she's beautiful. she's sweet and sassy and just my kind of person. she's also in love with my dog as i am. she's alsoooooo a photographer with the same passion i have for intentional, lifestyle photography. [go follow her on instagram, @carrielizgabbert and see her adorable babes and snapshots of her life!]

as some of you know, mentorships are something that has been on my heart for awhile, and i'm pleased to say that i'm going to start offering them as a result of carrie's session! we'll sit down for an hour and a half for a total of $275. price will be increased if you desire to add on a mini-session by $125!) and discuss anything you want my help addressing in that one hour and a half, beit editing, perspective, business, branding, etc. 

if you're interested, shoot me an email - hello (at) emilychidester (dot) com with the subject line of "mentorship, yay!"