“the rest of the world was black and white - but we were in screaming color.”

kate and paul are lifers. they’re meant for each other.

i’ve tried writing this introduction to their wedding day a couple of times, but no words quite seem to fit. so, i’ll do what i did for my Ireland blog post, and hope that the pictures will do their story justice!

and HUGE thank you to my sweet girl, Katherine. you were such an amazing travel buddy, picture taker, all together amazing energy to have around on such a beautiful day. you rock, friend. (go check out her work, here!)

+ everything you see was a DIY. from the folded book centerpieces, to the gathered flowers, to the hanging decorations in the tent & backdrop that kate and her mom made together... totally a labor of love.
+ kate and paul are probably one of the few couples i’ve been able to shoot that literally are perfectly made for one another. she fits into the crook of his neck like a puzzle piece.
+ i hadn’t met either of them until a brief visit the day before, but both paul and kate (and their friends/family) have the ability to make you feel like a deeply cherished friend, almost immediately. we felt so welcomed into their day.
+ she had a really strong appreciation for portraits, so we shot for probably an hour plus, total. and barely anything you see down below was prompted. they are THAT sweet together.
+ one of my favorite memories from the day was kate’s toast to paul. she was talking about how he can sit for hours, perfectly content, appreciating the world around him. i really wish i could remember it verbatim, because we were all crying at her beautiful words.
+ which brings me to my next amazing thing worth mentioning: kate is a wordsmith. everything she says and does has a fluidity and natural grace. her movements, her words. i could probably listen to her talk for hours – and she will hopefully be publishing a book soon!
+ deer isle is amazing. if you haven’t been to maine, the little part we were (Stonington) is so quaint, charming, peaceful. Katherine (my amazing second shooter/intern) and i wandered around, just enjoying the scenery and detachment from the busy lifestyle we’re both used to. there’s a magic to maine and i can definitely say it wasn’t my last time visiting!
+ because they only had fourty people there to celebrate, it was such a sweet, intimate gathering. everyone that wanted to be there was really there for them. their day was so special, full of love and excitement for the union taking place, as well as a special thanks to the people who’ve traveled so far to get there. especially paul’s family, who traveled all the way from Australia!
+ paul wore his sweet father’s belt, who is sadly, no longer alive. he’s had the belt since the 70’s (i believe) and paul wanted to wear it in honor of him. “gabby” is a nickname :) from all of the amazing things said about his father, i know he was a phenomenal man who is very, very missed.
+ i asked kate to get dressed outside because it was such an unbelievably beautiful day, and she happily obliged! can more brides please do this? instead of fluorescent lights, we had beautiful, natural light!
+ kate was the happiest bride…. ever. we happened to arrive right when the water for the house went out because of some septic issue, and when normal brides would have been freaking out and probably crying – she shrugged it off. instead, they all used the outside shower and had a chuckle. i think at the end of the day, her love for paul and excitement for the day were the only emotions she let herself feel. no stress, no irritation. i was so impressed with how she handled everything!

i could go on and on and on. but i won’t. i’ll let you get to the good part, without further ado, here's the wedding day of kate and paul!