"i want to find a home, and i want to share it with you; hello, my old heart."
- the oh hello's.

sweet, sweet carly and charlie.
these kids, i mean, i just love 'em.

our time together was so short (they hired me for a mini session) - but i really loved just talking and walking around the ivy place, getting to know them and their hearts.

a couple of things i can tell you about them:
+ so, i have all my couples walking in our session to get some blood pumping.. but carly cannot walk for photos to save her life. the ones you see down below are because we were cracking up and that made the moment way more real and hilarious. it's true, but i love you, girl.
+ they have amazing taste in music. like, for real. 
+ they fit perfectly. in personality, in form.. everything. their hearts are so, so perfect for each other.

all that being said, i can't wait for their sweet backyard wedding in spring of this year :)