every once in awhile, there's a couple that makes me re-examine how, why and what i shoot. they push me without knowing it, they encourage me to try new things. jimmie & meaghan are definitely that type of couple.

i knew when they booked that they had fantastic senses of style. a little more alternative than my usual, which i absolutely love (i love anything "different")  - both have awesome taste in music, sweet personalities, and huge hearts for the Lord..i love that they totally let their personal style come through in our session and trusted me enough to be able to capture them as who they are. i mean hey, anyone i can get a tattoo with after the session? i'm down for.

i also knew from talking with meaghan that she wanted someplace different from the usual field/natural area that i typically shoot in, she wanted a more urban feel. it was a challenge, but i spent an entire afternoon driving around charlotte, scoping out back alleys and finally landed on a spot i discovered a long time ago that everyone in charlotte seems to shoot at, nowadays, and then a new little spot that you'd never think was pretty just looking at it. and then (my favorite), a parking deck. it was perfect for each of their outfit choices.

i'm just so pumped about this session, i could talk about it forever! 

everything came together seamlessly and we had so much fun just shooting and talking and getting to know each other. they even took me to thai and hung out for hours after our session. these two are the real deal. i knew i was going to love meaghan from our limited interactions before booking, but to love jimmie just as much as his bride? that's a huge perk. so glad to know both of them. i seriously can't wait for their wedding in feb (my first of the year!) - it's going to be perfect and totally unique, just like meaghan & jimmie! 

love ya'll :) see you soon!