I have known Jon for over half of my life - he's one of the few people I allow to call me by my family designated nick-name, and is friends with both of my big brothers. I love this guy. So when he married Kelley and she started coming around and we were able to get to know each other, I knew I loved her, too! She is an incredible pastry chef, who works alongside Mandie at Got What It Cakes, here in Charlotte (if you don't know about GWIC, go check them out. Delish.)

Anyway, we had talked for years about doing an anniversary session and this past winter, we finally made it happen! I'm so thankful for these two, their kind hearts, and trust in my work. I loved seeing how they love each other- it's beyond wonderful.

Oh, AND how gorgeous is Kelley? Her hair and makeup was done by Erin Ashley. Killer job!