i freaking love taylor and dan.

if you follow my blog, you know me well enough to know that i preach about the HUGE importance of loving your photographer/loving your couples, and these guys epitomize what i'm talking about. dan and taylor are awesome. they love each other so well, they laugh all the time, and have two of the most inclusive hearts in the world. (i doubt dan has ever met a stranger!) i normally don't use the term "soul mates" because i think it's cheesy and fits into a meg ryan movie from the 90's, but i will definitely admit that this specific paring is perfection. 

we had so much fun shooting their session last year at the laboratory mill. we got gorgeous light, beautiful surroundings and japanese food afterwards (YES!)

i'm so thankful that we've become good friends throughout this entire process (and they're officially godparents to my sweet pup, Murphy) -  the world is a better place with these guys in it. 

can't wait for your wedding in just a few short months!