just because // chrisy & tyler // raleigh wedding photographer

oh me oh my.
i love these kids.

i don't know how chrisy found me but i'm so glad she did. when i got her email asking if i'd be up for making some pictures with her and her sweet boyfriend, tyler, i was like "um heck yes" because not only did she seem awesome, but i could tell, even through her writing, that she was so head over heels in love with her man. and meeting them just solidified that the feeling is mutual.

i met them at their apartment in raleigh and was welcomed by a thousand candles (sounds way more romantic than i meant it to) and them running around trying to get ready. i immediately felt like an old friend sharing their space. so we all piled in her car and started the session at a park where they used to run/maybe still do. (i can't remember.) after getting yelled at for stepping on plants, we noticed the sun was setting, so we booked it downtown. 

chrisy and tyler were so considerate of me and my style as a photographer, they were worried i'd feel uncomfortable shooting in a parking deck because it's not my typical. and i told them, "hey, you're awesome, but don't worry about it" because i knew wherever they brought their love, we'd make gorgeous pictures. and we did. and these two are so FUN together. there wasn't a second where they weren't loving or laughing and it made for one of my favorite sessions of last year. even though it was freezing. 

i can't wait for the day i get the phone call that these lovebirds are engaged because that will be the day of huge celebration. i'll join them in raleigh and we'll go to beasley's and then drink delicious coffee and plan their wedding. i love love love you two. you make me so happy and i can't thank you enough for letting me be a part of your story, even in a small way.