maternity // amber & blaine

oh, these two.

i was lucky enough to second - shoot amber and blaine's wedding about a year and a half ago, and thankfully, amber and i kept in touch. so when she told me she was pregnant, i was BEYOND thrilled for her! there's something so sweet about being involved with a couple from wedding-babies-family (for most, i don't do a lot of family sessions) - so i was so happy when she was as excited as i was about doing her maternity session. 

there is a joy that seeps out of amber and touches everyone that she's around. i think that's one of the reasons she's so radiant in these photographs. she loves the Lord and everyone in her life with her whole heart and it totally shows. she has the kindest soul of anyone i've met in a very, very long time. she's sweet, nurturing, humble and just all around lovely. i love this little lady and i'm so proud of her for who she is and the mama she's going to be. and blaine? he loves amber so much. and not only that, but he's going to be a seriously wonderful dad to eliora. he'll encourage her to dream big dreams. between the two of them and their big circle of friends and family, that little girl will be filled with so much love, she won't know what to do with herself! 

here's a snippet of our mini-session.

**i've been getting a ton of requests for maternity sessions recently, i *do* still offer them in 2015! if you think you want to book one, shoot me an email through my contact form. must be able to shoot on a weekday.**