anniversary // autumn & josh // georgia wedding photographer

to say that autumn and josh are special people is putting it lightly.

not only are they freaking awesome wedding photographers, but they have amazing hearts, and are totally adorable.

when autumn emailed me, after we instagram-stalked each other, asking me if i'd be open to driving 3-4 hours to shoot in an abandoned church that's a historical building in a tiny town in georgia, i said YES without hesitation. that was the beginning of our amazing friendship! 

my first impression of autumn was her care package she sent me, before we even met each other. she sent me some home-made granola, and a pack of three cd's burned with her and josh's favorite songs. just because. i knew we'd be friends.

i didn't actually meet them until they came into town (from pennsylvania!) to do the shoot. and once we met, i felt like i've known them forever. and actually, i have. autumn and i pieced together that we actually went to high school together way back when! so random.

i could write paragraphs about how much i love these gentle souls, but i'll leave it to the pictures to do the story-telling. we did this as an anniversary shoot for these lovebirds, and they do it so well. autumn had another excuse to wear her amazing wedding dress and josh was such an awesome guy to make pictures with. he's quiet, really funny, has such kind eyes and totally cares about people he meets. you can tell.

there are no other people i'd rather be stuck in a car with for eight hours. love you guys.