I have been quietly dying over the beautiful of this wedding since the day I shot it.

I can still remember meeting Meagan at Amelie's way back last year, where we sat and talked for an hour and she had a thousand questions for me and I knew I liked her almost immediately. Meagan is adorable, and southern and sweet- but most of all, genuine. She has a huge smile and a big heart that you can tell almost immediately. She openly told me that she was debating about using a different photographer and was really open during the entire process (which I respected immensely) about her desires for her wedding day. I could tell she really cared about who they chose to document their special day. But she had me at "tattooed groomsmen and gray dresses" so I left that meeting praying I'd get the "we chose you!" email...

and I did!

I didn't get to shoot their engagements like I would with my normal bride and groom - our schedules were insane and never matched up.. but we did shoot a handful of shots on the day we visited their venue (Beaver Dam Historic House in Davidson, NC), which you can see here. That's also the first day I met Kevin. He struck me as a quiet guy who can get really passionate and enthusiastic about the things he loves. We talked about God and music and hit it off immediately. He also said something to me that's stuck with me, when I asked why they ended choosing me... He mentioned "there's a warmth to your photography, both in color and in mood" and that just made me feel really great. Love as an emotion is really difficult because there are no accurate words to describe it, but you can capture that look between two people in love, and their secret smiles that pass between their lips.. and to hear that I've successfully captured that is a dream.

I've mentioned before how much I love shooting smaller, natural weddings because they feel so much more intimate than most other weddings. Their details really represented Meagan & Kevin and their style without seeming like they were trying too hard.

Here's the first half to their insanely beautiful DIY wedding.

{Special thanks to my sweet, dear friend Alicia for second shooting!}

Oh, and did I mention? IT'S ON GREEN WEDDING SHOES!!!

You can find part two HERE.