it seems like every single day, i'm hit with more news that makes my heart flutter and my hands sweat --> overshare, get used to it ;) when i was featured on style me pretty, i had no idea that i would get as many requests, inquires, bookings as i have already. and i'm not saying that to brag- but to try to express how humbled i am.

while i was in college, i constantly felt as though i wasn't good enough, comparing myself to those around me.. when you're being critiqued every week and told that you "use thisorthat too much" or "your thisorthat is horrible" or "i just don't like that"...little nit-picky things, you start to doubt who you are, what your vision is. you start to hate photography.

the beauty of this art is that it's subjective. you can look at my photography and not like it- and someone can look at it and absolutely fall in love with it. beauty really is in the eye of the beholder.

my style has changed significantly since i began this journey 5 years ago, and i'm so, so thankful i haven't settled. in the past month alone, i have totally redone my brand, editing style, and felt my perspective shift. i am no longer making other people happy by doing what they want- people have found me and are happy with what i offer. no change necessary! what a wonderful feeling.

the more experience i collect, the more i realize- you're not a photographer because you can take pictures. you're not NOT a photographer because you have no education. it doesn't matter how or why you got into photography- all that matters is that you did. and that you "get" it. the photographers that i adore and follow are minimalistic, passionate, and intimate. {enter: jose villa, max wanger, caroline ghetes, benj haisch, ken kienowjonas peterson and so many more} and you may not have heard of them, but the ones that know them understand their beauty.

in a culture where everyone thinks they're a photographer, i don't need to try to be one. i am one. shooting matt and kelci's wedding really put it into perspective why i even wanted to do photography. i want to capture moments. i want to be the one to remind the bride and groom, 30 years down the line, how they felt that special minute. i want to help show the bride and groom that their special details didn't go to waste.

so the reason for this post is just to thank you, whoever you are. for letting me live my dream.

new york, oregon, a barn in south carolina, the mountains of north carolina: these are my {both personal and professional} prospects for this year. let's go, 2012. 

here are some shots from this past october in nyc. never before seen!

best, emily.