I think branding yourself as a photographer has to be the hardest thing in the world to do. I mean, as an artist you fight and fight and fight to NOT be stereotyped or labeled, and as soon as you try to market yourself, that's essentially what you're doing. By deciding to pursue weddings and engagements (which I never thought I'd do but I AM so happy I've landed on this.. at least for the time being)- I'm checking off the box for what photography I "do".. Which isn't fair. I do love shooting those intimate moments between two people who've managed to find  each other in this wild world we live in.. but I also love shooting wide expanses of land with not a single human in sight. I love shooting sun flares and wheat, and architecture and animals. Okay, let's be frank. I'm truly the happiest when there's a camera in my hand- no matter what the subject.

But in choosing "wedding photography"- I feel as though I now have to brand myself with a particular style. I happen to be a natural light photographer.. I thrive off of golden, dusk light and fields/nature and that sense of freedom. Of feeling infinite. So, in that regard I don't feel fit for indoor weddings, or big fancy ballrooms. Will I take those weddings? Absolutely- it's pushing myself to do something different. And I love and appreciate every bride/groom and wedding I'm a part of.

Okay, I've honestly lost my train of thought.

The bottom line is, are we ever TRULY content with ourselves?