I met Tammy when I was working at Paper Source early this year. She's so enthusiastic about life, about Brian, about everything. She is the literally the happiest person I've ever met and it's so unbelievably genuine. Brian and her compliment each other so well. He's quiet but has a great sense of humor and he went to ASU (go Mountaineers!)

Their wedding was unlike any I've been a part of. They walked each-other down the aisle and really wanted their day to  revolve around them and their friends and celebrating the union they've created. That's why they didn't have wedding party and kept it below 100 people! It was a gorgeous, simple wedding at the Latta Plantation. And her lovely friend Amanda is a pastry chef and hand-made all of the delicious desserts.

"Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own."