These are some of my favorite bride & groom portraits that I've ever taken. I genuinely do love all of my couples, but there was something so beautiful about the way that Sam and Chase held each other, how they loved each other.

It was hot, hot, HOT on their wedding day, but dayum. Not as hot as these two.

// From the bride //

In romantic comedies, there’s usually a scene called a ‘meet-cute.’ As the name suggests, it’s the scene in the movie where the main characters first meet and it’s usually in a cute way i.e. they run into each other on the subway, or go to pick up the same coffee cup at a café and accidentally touch hands. I always imagined meeting my husband in a similar fashion but it turns out God has a sense of humor.

Chase and I met on our church’s summer high school mission trip. We were in inner city Philadelphia serving the homeless. It was hot. We were sweaty, smelly and I was wearing athletic shorts down to my knees. Needless to say, it was not the meet-cute I was expecting.

Chase took me by surprise. He was honest, good-hearted, intelligent, fun, and insanely driven. He was so unlike the other guys I had encountered during my short dating life and I wanted to get to know him. A week after we got back from the trip, we went on our first date. He took me to Applebee’s and we saw the first Transformers movie. It went down in history as one of the best dates ever. We dated for roughly the next six years and somehow during that time we magically grew up. I use the word magically because it feels like time has flown by. I sometimes stop and think about how I used to sit in the bleachers at our high school and watch him play lacrosse. I still remember getting butterflies when I saw him after the games.

Throughout college we learned a lot about ourselves and our relationship. We helped each other face challenges. Mine were anxiety and college level math. His were learning to be patient and eating green vegetables. I developed a deeper love for Chase and it was one filled with admiration and respect. He was no longer my high school boyfriend but as someone I wanted as my husband. The day we got engaged was one of the best days of our lives. Not merely for the cheesy obvious reasons but because it was a culmination of all we had been through together.  Marriage was no longer just a question in a conversation or a distant dream. It was finally happening.