"your love is a fast song." - copeland. 

i know, i know. i saw this all the time. but i really don't know where to start with this one.

as soon as i got meg's inquiry (and by inquiry, i mean very very very long email with excited pictures included) - i knew that we had to work together. or, if we weren't able to work together, that we needed to at least be friends.

thankfully, it worked out that we could do both! 

she was texting me paragraphs even before we met, we had so many phone conversations (and deep, right off the bat) about our lives, ourselves, our hopes/dreams/fears, her love for Chris and overall struggles as a human (ditto) - there was no small talk. and those of you that know her, know this to be true.

one of my favorite things about her is that she savors everything. i sent them my questionnaire, as i send to everyone, and she wanted to make it so special, that she recorded her and chris responding to the answers, down by a lake, where i could hear crickets chirping and their soft laughter in the background. it was beautiful. 

and she feels this way about everything. a good song. a good story. Jesus and His love for us. her friendships. moments. she savors EVERYTHING. probably half because she's a super awesome creative (artist) and also because that's just how she was wired. 

and chris is the perfect counterpart to her whimsical soul. he's steadfast, solid, quiet and charming, and let me tell you, has AWESOME taste in music. we talked bands for a good two hours while going through the vinyls they share at their apartment. 

a couple worthwhile things to mention:
+ that perfume is AMAZING. it smelled so good.
+ they wanted to read their vows to one another, so those are the sweet ("tender" as meg would say) moments you see down below.
+ it was actually projected to rain on their wedding day, so they last minute had to throw up a tent for the ceremony at the marbury center, which was a little bit of a bummer, but at the end of the day, the weather and mood and everything was totally perfect. i don't think any of us would change a thing.
+ her ladies were amazing. they were so supportive and fun through the entire day. which is totally necessary on your wedding day, girls! 
+ at her and chris' first look, she literally took a huge breath and sighed with happiness. after a long seven years together, they were finally standing in front of each other, almost husband and wife. 
+ meg told me there was a picture from when she was born, where her grandparents were seeing her for the first time - so we wanted to recreate that special moment on her day. her granddad was just the cutest with his little digital camera.
+ they had a slideshow of awesome moments projected up in the venue during the reception. it was freaking awesome.
+ meg wrote me a gigantic, bullet point email when she got her photos back, thanking me for all the little moments she didn't remember that i captured. i sat there, in tears, so excited and happy she was excited and happy. 

i could go on and on, and i wish that my words could capture the beauty and labor of love that was their wedding day, back in november. or the emotions i felt driving home, singing along to the cd they sent home with their guests that was handcrafted by the two of them. or how i got teary when i saw how much love her grandfather (actually, whole extended family) have for her. but my words fail me, as usual, so i'll let the pictures tell their story.

huge huge hugs to you guys. my new friends.