"…i am consumed by you. you are my perfection. you are my home."

what do you even say about a couple you've known for FOREVER and had the pleasure of making pictures with every year?! 

i've had the honor of knowing jon since i was an annoying little pre-teen (he's good friends with both of my older brothers) - and i've known kelley since they were married, and we've bonded together over the wedding industry since then! they're the sweetest, loveliest couple who are just EASY together. every time i have them in front of my lens, i could shoot them for hours because not only do they trust me (which is awesome) but they just move together and love each other so well. 

we shot these for their christmas card (2015) and enjoyed chasing the light and braving the cold. i can't wait until we do it again! 

love you guys. 
xo, EM