wed // erica & jordan // north carolina wedding photographer (i)

"did you know that i know you? 
more than you know yourself, and without doubt, more than any single other body has ever known any single other body in the history of this world or any other. i know before you know when your heart reaches out and I know without you requiring the assistance of a glance or graze when you are scared or lonely or tired or hungry or angry or worried or blinded by absolute excitement. 
did you know i am yours? 
did you know that i will always be yours? 
did you know that i have waited my entire life to have you be mine? 
did you?"

i don't know if there are really enough words to say how much i love erica. and jordan. 
they're indescribably adorable together, head over heels in love, and have huge giving hearts. 

you may know erica's name because she's a phenomenal photographer (click here!) who has shot with me several times, but if you don't, you should become quickly acquainted with her work. 

there are times when a wedding day is perfect. when everything is aligned, the sun is shining with no chance for rain, everyone's on time, and it all fits perfectly like a completed puzzle..

and then there are ACTUAL wedding days. 

erica and jordan are my favorite kind of couple because they both realized that at the end of the day, all that matters is that they were married. to each other. forever.

they may have cared about the chance for rain, or the missing makeup bag in the moment, but i know that looking back on their day, they only remember how they felt in the moments of their first look, where they both hugged and laughed and shed some tears (side note: jordan had his eyes closed the ENTIRE time!).. or when each member of their bridal party whispered a prayer over each of them separately. or, finally, when erica walked down the aisle towards jordan, alone with her friends softly singing in the background. 

THOSE moments are the ones that make their wedding day whole. 

with that said, i wish i had the words to explain how beautiful their day was. how emotional erica was, the entire time. how beautiful she looked in her simple dress (which, btw, she bought 2 weeks before the wedding! that's an entirely different story..) - how jordan's face looked when he saw her for the first time, how fun their friends were at the reception (which you'll see in part 2) - but i don't. so hopefully my images will do their day justice.

these are the kinds of weddings that i want to shoot.

erica, you're like a baby sister to me. i'm so proud of who you are and what you've become in the years i've known you. and jordan, you're such an awesome guy. i truly can't wait to get to know you :)

and to all of their friends who may or may not have seen these already.. enjoy! 

stay tuned for part two!