wed // katherine & andrew // south carolina wedding photographer

"Be the light of my lantern, the light of my lantern, be the light.
I'll hold it high for you, keep you safe from harm
I'll hold it high for you, until you're back in my arms."


where do i start.

sure. her dress is amazing. their ceremony was gorgeous. they had an awesome bridal party that i want to befriend immediately.

but those are all fleeting details if the people themselves aren't amazing.

and oh, but they are. so amazing.

to say that i love katherine and andrew is a complete understatement. they are blissfully in love with each other, they are spiritual soulmates, they are partners and they are best friends. she is beautiful and loving and hysterical. he is intentional, sweet and enthusiastic. they are the best.

they are the couple that made me remember why i do what i do. i do it for the undercurrent of excitement you can feel from their simple touches, their sideways glances. i do it for their nervous laughter and shaking hands. i do it for the ceremonies that have everyone weeping with joy and excitement to share in this special celebration, uniting two souls who love the Lord and each other so much. i do it for the friends who embrace and whisper and laugh with each other because they're a family. i do it for the intentionality of a couple who dive way deeper than pinterest details and realize that vulnerability is a beautiful, beautiful thing. 

i am so thankful to my friend megan for referring katherine to me. i love her and her friendship and i cannot wait to see where she goes as a photographer and as a lovely bride. and andrew, well, he's pretty swell too. 

// i also have to give a shoutout to the wavering place plantation for being an amazing venue to work with and ladies over at fern studio floral & event design for putting this thing together alongside the team of planners with jessica rourke. //

and another huge thank you to my sweet friend sarah over at two cents photography for second shooting!