vscofilm06 review.

hey friends! 

i've been posting snippets of vscofilm06 on my instagram and some of you have asked my thoughts on it. i, by no means, am the master of editing, but i always love reading/seeing before and afters of the new presets to see if they're worthwhile.

i'm a die-hard vscofilm01/05 fan - i love the portra's, the fuji's, and recently in the 05, the agfa's. but i never really could master the warm/brown tones - and that's what this pack seems to do really well. now, i personally they are heavily contrasted right off the bat, so once you apply the preset, be prepared to do some tweaking unless you love what you get!

side note: i will say, i did notice some wacky skin tones. and a lot of them are heavy on the blues.

anyway. i've been told so many times, and tend to agree, your image is only as good edited as it is first in camera - meaning, get your exposure, focus, composition right in camera, and editing will be super easy. i tend to under-expose, but you don't have to! i've included the raw jpegs (which was super intimidating and left me feeling really vulnerable!) for you to compare.

here's some stuff from recent shoots! enjoy! 

(all presets applied then adjustments in highlights/darks/warmth were made in LR. images shot with canonmk3, 45tse, 50L, sigma 35.)

portra 400 (+1) over

provia 400x xp over

400H +1 +++

provia 400x xp

provia 400x (+1) vibrant

tri-x (+1) ++

e100vs xp

portra 400+ vibrant

tri-x (+3) ++

portra 160 (+1) over

400h (+1) night

hp5 (+3) +

provia 400x (+1) vibrant

portra 160 (+1) over

portra 160 (+1) alt


provia 400 (+1) over +

portra 160 (+1) +++

portra 400 (+1) over

precisa 100xp

portra 400 (+2)

tri-x (+1) ++

portra 400 (+1) vibrant

sensia 100 xp

hope this helps! i say go for it :)