destination wedding // jess & danny // destination wedding photographer

last year, when i was writing my end of year recap, i made some goals. a bucket list, if you will.

among the usual ("shoot an elopement", "shoot in California", "be published") i wrote "shoot a destination wedding".

thankfully, i have an incredibly talented bestie named paige who books amazing destination weddings and when her sweet husband couldn't come along, she asked me! i'm forever thankful she gave me this experience and to have found another photographer who i admire and work so well alongside. 

i always hear about people being "relaxed" on vacation. i usually vacation with family (love you guys!), so i never fully understood the meaning of crazy word that until arriving in mexico, unpacking our suitcases and enjoying the beach-front pool with amazing service.

and that WATER. damn.

the only negative part to our trip was when paige got crippling food poisoning... the water myth is true, guys. but she's a huge trooper and pulled through and ROCKED this wedding! go take some time and check out not only her amazing images, but peruse the rest of her blog. she's so amazing. CLICK HERE! 

all that being said, i have to tell you.

jess and danny are literally two of the most awesome people i've had the pleasure of working with. they exude this calm, warm, inviting presence and you can tell they're totally in it for the long run. the way danny looks at jess, and the way she smiles at him.. you can tell they have a rhythm together that's been perfected over the years and is totally in sync. they also have some seriously badass australian accents. 

i learned a couple of things from shooting a wedding with a ton of australians: they're all absolutely gorgeous, they like to drink, they like to party, they like to take their shirts off, but more importantly, they have the kindest hearts and will accept you like family, right off the bat.

huge huge huge thank you to paige, but also jess & danny for letting us be a part of your day. (and i hope danny gets you that dog you've wanted!) 

& thanks rando guest for snapping this!