I am terrible with words. Honestly, terrible. I have savored these images for about a month now. I've poured over them time and time again, trying to make them absolutely perfect because these are not images from a random wedding day I was paid to do.. these are images from my best friend's wedding. I've come to realize that it's impossible to make these images as perfect as the day was, because it's a feeling and not an actual moment that I hold preciously in my heart.

I can still hear all the flutterings around her aunt's house that morning, trying to hide Cameron and Josh from each other as they both got ready on different levels. Walking into the barn, seeing the labor of love that her mom and great-aunt Betty were putting into making all of the flower arrangements. Our stolen conversations throughout the day as best friends, giddy with nervousness and excitement. When her dad walked into the bathroom where she was getting ready, took his sunglasses off to look at her and had to walk back out of the room because he started crying. That stomach dropping moment when Cameron stepped out the door of her aunt's house to "23" by Jimmy Eat World, grasping her dad's arm tight with a huge smile on her face as she walked towards Josh. And that moment when I glanced her groom, with tears pouring down his cheeks seeing that he couldn't contain his love for Cameron - the moment that made me instantly start sobbing, so happy for them both.

I think the day flew by for all of us. Such an exciting, beautiful fresh beginning for the two of them.

Cam & Josh: There's so much I want to say, but I really can't find the words. Just know that I love you both so incredibly much. I can't wait to see where you two go both as individuals, and as a beautiful couple. Keep that passion for each other (and the kitties).

"I knew this was our time, no one else will have me like you do... No one else will have me, only you"

ATTENTION:: Brides, due to the insane amount of inquiries I've received, please do not email me about Cameron's wedding dress! It is made by Justin Alexander.