pregnant! // jamie & david.

when my good friend, jamie (who is a fantastic photographer, do yourself a favor and click her name), contacted me about doing her maternity (or maybe.. just maybe.. i harassed her into letting me do them), i knew it'd be SO MUCH FUN to work together. i also knew that jamie and i were on the same wavelength about the kind of maternity portraits she wanted. she just let me have the control of the shoot, because she *trusted* my vision. i knew there'd be nothing cheesy, no naked bellies, no pets, no sheets flying in the wind.. just real and honest portraits of this beautiful mama and her wonderful husband (if they choose to come, which for the record: david, you're so awesome. thanks for indulging me in all of my strange requests, i love your awesome nature!) favorite kind.

maternity is such a special time for parents, be it the first or fifth baby.

to me, as a photographer, they give me a chance to show the mama-to-be that they're still so beautiful. to remind them that what they're doing is extraordinary. that to create another human and to love them beyond measure is one of the biggest gifts the Lord has given us. to focus on someone who normally diverts her attention to everyone else in their family.

that's why i love maternity pictures. and jamie? you embody everything i just mentioned.

thank you for letting me make pictures of ya'll during this special season. (he'll come soon, Jamie!)

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