I would recommend listening to this song while you go through the post.

I would also like to recommend going to the Storyline conference, by Donald Miller. It was the whole reason that I was even in Portland. If you want more information on it, feel free to e-mail and ask me or leave a comment... It will truly wreck you, in a beautiful way! 


View from our beautiful Portland hostel.

Driving to the coast.Salted caramel latte, I believe. In Astoria.Fort Steven's Rock, home of a wrecked ship and also a TON of driftwood. That people apparently make into tee-pees. Tiny little drive-up coffee houses. We got something that was apparently triple the strength of a regular espresso. Needless to say, it was off the CHAIN. (So were we.)Headed to Canon Beach where apparently Free Willy AND the Goonies were filmed! April, documenting her experience with Haystack... she can now cross this off her bucket list!

No, I do not know these people.. but that weimaraner was harassing me all day. 

No big deal, just a rainbow circle around the sun.Take me back.

April is way better with that "cool, serious" face than I am.

One word for Multnomah Falls: GORGEOUS.(L) Me, (R) My dear, dear friend April.

Columbia River Valley Gorge.

A very happy little seal.

Another view of our hostel on a different day. 


1. Takeoff from Charlotte / 2. EXCITED / 3. Duh, cats can fly! 4. Gorgeous sunset somewhere in the sky / 5. Bi Ways diner. We went there twice / 6. Delicious breakfast. 7. Portland, Oregon / 8. Portland Saturday Market / 9. Open page in POWELL's book store about the coast. 10. I can find an Anthro anywhere / 11. Our beautiful, relaxing day spent at the coffee shop next to the hostel. 12. Hostel / 13. Hostel 14 / 15/ 16: Walking around Portland. 17. Awesome old school Trolley map in the hostel / 18. Me creepin' in Astoria / 19. AMAZING deer art piece / 20. Awesome brunch at the coffee house. 20. "Is that a shipwreck, ya'll?" Fort Fisher / 21. Haystack Rock. 22. Haystack or Canon Beach / 23. Driving back to Portland. 24-25 / Multnomah Falls. 26-27 / Back to Byways for Blue Corn pancakes with a homemade maple butter sauce / 28. Walking over the bridge to the hostel. Scary. 29. The actual point of the trip, STORYLINE! / 30. Lunch break / 31. Back to Storyline. 32-33. BEST THAI EVER / 34-35. Voodoo Doughnuts! 36-39. Visual ramblings and a sad goodbye to my new favorite city.