pregnant! // LIZ // DAVIDSON, NC

I am so, so happy to finally have Liz and her beautiful (not quite here yet little one) up on the blog! My sweet friend Nicci (who you might remember from this blog post) introduced me to Liz a couple of months back. Nicci and her sweet babe Junie (who will be making their appearance next week on the blog) were going to model for me because I was renting a new lens, and Liz joined us!

It's easy to become quick friends with Liz. She's so genuine, kind hearted, intentional and a wonderful soul. I can tell just from knowing her a short time that she's going to be a ridiculously awesome mom. And after meeting her husband Jeff, I can tell that he's also super genuine and funny - and seeing him interact with such patience with Junie?.... they're gonna be a kickass team.

Maternity is quickly becoming one of my favorite things to shoot. I think at a time in your life when you don't necessarily feel the most beautiful, it's important to have someone show you just how gorgeous you really are. I hope you feel as beautiful as you look, Liz!

Liz runs an awesome place called The Art Room - where kids can go for the day and unlock their creativity! Mama's of little ones - GO check out their website!