"And I will be eternally grateful he didn't give up forever."

I literally can't say enough about Kelly and Jeremy.

They're kind, quirky, loving souls who have such a comfortable, quiet love for one another.

Their engagement session was so beautiful (you can see that here) and it really gave me a sense of the playful spirit they have as a couple - I knew their wedding day would be absolutely no different!

I was lucky enough to have my favorite person, Alicia, by my side for our weekend in Charleston and she shot alongside me & helped create so much magic from Kelly&Jeremy's big day. We still talk about how beautiful it was, almost 2 months later.

Walking up to the venue the day before their wedding, we were faced with some unexpected issues (random construction where the ceremony site was supposed to be, along with fantastic orange fencing) that could have made Kelly break down and have a total bridezilla moment, but she's probably the calmest person I've ever met (I mean she invited us to yoga the morning of her wedding!) - and we looked for the positive instead of freaking out, moved the ceremony site under a gigantic, gorgeous spanish moss tree and that was that.

They got ready a floor apart from each other in the main house at The Ponds in Summerville - a special place where Jeremy used to fish with his dad as a child.. Unfortunately, his dad is no longer with us but you could feel his spirit all around on their beautiful wedding day - I'm sure he'd be so incredibly proud of the guy Jeremy is and the way their family has grown together.

The four of us (Alicia, myself, Nicci & Sol - the creative minds behind Bunch Collective) walked them separately to the first look location, along with Kelly's awesome sis Candace, and I know I wasn't the only one holding back tears as Jeremy twirled his bride in her wedding dress, then pulled her close for a hug and a kiss. (I love first looks so much, they're such a beautiful, intimate way to spend 30-40 min of your wedding day. Why wouldn't a bride and groom want extra time alone?!)

The sun set just as the reception was starting, and it was a beautiful night with a light breeze, perfect temperature and golden glow. Everyone was so happy just to experience the celebration of two wonderful souls uniting, I've never seen a wedding day go so smoothly.

I really just want to tell you two (my sweet, sweet couple with pretty little mouthes - don't worry, it's an inside joke) that I can't tell you how much I appreciate you and the amount of trust you had in me for your day. Thank you for going with the flow and getting weird. Love you two.

So this is the point where my words are failing me, but I have a couple little excerpts from their initial questionnaire they filled out when they inquired with me. Enjoy! 

From Kelly: We met a few years ago at the Neighborhood Theater through my now brother-in-law. According to him, I blew him off, which admittedly, I kinda did. I was enjoying my single lady life, and didn't even have time for handsome bearded musicians! Anyways, we ran into each other here and there and would have awkward conversations about my love of fro-yo and stuff like that. We went on a few dates at the end of which I high-fived him, pretty much every time. GEEZ! He gave up for a few months, then tried again, and I was still high fivin'... Much later, when my sister and brother-in-law got married, they hired his band for their wedding. Lots of flirting from the microphone from him and strategic nonchalant dancing in front of him with cute flower girls from me. He was not a free man, so I figured that was that. Until...I was at a friend's house with my sister and the topic of our missed love connection came up. I learned a lot of things that made me fall in love with him a little bit including that he was now available. He had a show that night that we all went to, and he walked me to my car and asked to try again. Of course, it took a while, but over the next few months we started to hang out and fell really in love.

From Jeremy: (What has been a beautiful moment in your life?) When I saw Kelly at her sister's wedding. My band was playing the reception. I hadn't seen her in 6-8 months. I knew that I should be with her. (What's the most important thing to you about your wedding day?) That Kelly and I are able to provide,enjoy, and remember a positive experience. In other words... throw a BITCHIN' party.

HUGE thank you to my sweet friend alicia white for coming with me and being the best second shooter EVER.

ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-1ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-3ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-4ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-6ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-8ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-12ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-16ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-17ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-18ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-23ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-24ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-30ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-33ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-39ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-40ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-44ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-45ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-46ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-47ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-48ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-52ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-41ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-58ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-61ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-63ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-65ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-67ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-73ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-79ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-84ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-86ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-88ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-90ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-98ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-100ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-105ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-114ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-119ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-128ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-129ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-135 copyECP_Kelly&Jeremy-137ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-139ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-144ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-151ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-184ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-202ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-207ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-214 copyECP_Kelly&Jeremy-228ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-230ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-232ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-235ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-238ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-245ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-253ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-259ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-264ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-271 copyECP_Kelly&Jeremy-284ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-287ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-289ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-293ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-321ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-327ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-342ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-347ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-352ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-372 copyECP_Kelly&Jeremy-382ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-391ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-394 copyECP_Kelly&Jeremy-397 copyECP_Kelly&Jeremy-399 copyECP_Kelly&Jeremy-404 copyECP_Kelly&Jeremy-410ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-417 copyECP_Kelly&Jeremy-421 copyKelly had their families' wedding dresses on display!

ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-424ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-430ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-438ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-442ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-444ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-454Look at this dapper little dude.

ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-455ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-456ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-461 copyECP_Kelly&Jeremy-491My goodness gracious. I cant handle these little flower babes with their moccasins and flower crowns. They were so well behaved, too!

ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-492ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-498ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-502ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-518ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-523 copyECP_Kelly&Jeremy-530ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-532ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-534ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-538ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-540ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-544ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-570ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-575ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-578 copy copyECP_Kelly&Jeremy-595ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-601ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-602ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-608ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-611ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-631ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-638ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-642ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-646ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-647ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-648ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-652ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-654

Jeremy wore his Dad's tie pin!

ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-655ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-656ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-657ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-658I have to specifically give credit to Alicia for this gorgeous shot. I LOVE the gold texture in the background.

ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-664ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-676ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-680ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-690ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-692Kelly had the most beautiful flowers I've seen in a while.

ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-701ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-707ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-708ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-714ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-715ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-722ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-723ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-727ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-729ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-730ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-732ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-735ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-740ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-742ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-747ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-750ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-756ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-758ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-764ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-768Jeremy wears his Dad's wedding ring! I love the thought that went into their details for the day. So personal.


Steve, their cat, couldn't make it. He was there in spirit.

ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-778ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-779ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-789ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-797ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-800ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-808ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-839ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-841ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-842ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-844ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-845ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-852ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-862 copyECP_Kelly&Jeremy-877 copy copyECP_Kelly&Jeremy-891ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-894ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-901ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-902ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-904ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-910ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-915ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-918ECP_Kelly&Jeremy-1000

Kelly - Jeremy: Wedding Day from bunch collective on Vimeo.