married // caroline & sam // dairy barn, fort mill, sc // pt. 1

"i never would've imagined that i would've ended up with someone like him,

and he came out of nowhere, but he fit me perfectly."

whewwww. let me catch my breath.

i really don't know if i'm ready to write this post. .... but here goes.


they fell in love over a mutual liking of gilmore girls (no judgement, sam) and an old black dining table. then he asked her out over a bowl of soup he brought her when she was sick.

caroline and sam are some of the greatest loveliest sweetest kindest BEST people i've had a privilege of knowing and becoming close with. they're young and in love and incredible and have this playfulness with each other that i've never seen before.

alongside a brief initial writeup, she sent me their proposal video, and I DIED and knew i wanted to shoot their wedding. so i crossed my fingers and emailed her back.  we instantly clicked and once i met her, i just wanted to be her friend. or her older sister. or both. {click here if you want to swoooon.}

caroline is the kind of person who is cool without even realizing it. she's sweet and has a gentle spirit and this quirky style and the most creative mind i've seen in a really long time. she's wise beyond her years and her entire personality is like one big hug. i know i sound crazy, but i just love this girl. and sam? sam is the kind of guy that makes you feel immediately welcome, even if it's with a barrage of sarcastic comments. he's a big bear whose also sweet and gentle and man, does he loves caroline. i met him and immediately liked him because he made me feel like way more than just some photographer. he made me feel like a long-lost friend.

their wedding was a blend of tradition and handmade details with vintage finds. caroline looked stunning in her bhldn dress and thrifted or made almost every detail. it was all set up by family and friends. her brother made the beautiful farm tables used in the reception hall and caroline HAND PAINTED the backdrop for the ceremony. it's a quote from her favorite book, anne of green gables (which sam also gave to her as her wedding present, an old and worn copy). her flowers were by the wonderfully talented kelly perry of philosophy flowers and all of the hand lettering is done by evane corder (she's crazyyyy good!) .. she even had her friends play & sing during the wedding (including her and sam's first dance, "caroline" originally by noah gunderson, sung by stephen of jude moses).

i'll leave you with this quote (which is the wording from their backdrop) for part one of their gorgeous wedding, which you can also see on ruffled right here.

"i don't want sunbursts and marble halls. i just want you! sunbursts and marble halls may be all very well but there is more scope for imagination without them. and as for the waiting ... that doesn't matter. we'll just be happy, waiting and working for each other and dreaming. oh, dreams will be very sweet now. they walked home together in the dusk, king and queen of the bridal realm of love."

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