I was beyond excited when I received Ana's email about shooting her wedding up in Brooklyn back at the end of August. And once she told me her venue was where my best friend was married two years ago, I knew I couldn't pass it up. Frankie's is a gorgeous, romantic restaurant that's converted the back of the space to a wedding venue with a detached stable. It's only fit for 40 guests, so I knew how important the people who were invited to their wedding were to both Ana and Brett. He even said that it wasn't JUST their wedding, it was the "acts of two families coming together forever" - so sentimental. I love it.

Ana's in fashion up in NYC (duh, look at her fantastic dress!) and Brett is in finance. They met on their first day of school in NYC. They're a dynamic duo and all of their friends kept commenting on how they were such a power couple. We started out the day with their bride and groom portraits (which was also the first moment the three of us met and LET ME TELL YOU I thought they were models. Can you believe that they both said how awkward they are in front of the camera? Lies. Brett is also at least 6'3, which is a foot taller than me, so sweet Diane had to run out and grab a stool for me!), which every photographer dreams about. We had a while to just hang out, explore some beautiful streets in Carroll Gardens and have them enjoy the quiet moments before the ceremony and guests arrived.  The night went by so fast in a blur of awesome speeches and laughs in the candlelit space.

You two are absolutely fantastic. Thank you both for your sweet souls and trust in me to do your day justice. I hope you look back on these and remember the night as it was!

Huge thanks to Diane of Spanglish Studios for tagging along with me to this beautiful occasion!

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** The coins&rope exchange during the ceremony was a nod to Ana's filipino heritage! The candles signified unity, infinity cord symbolized mutual commitment, and the coins symbolize sharing of wealth, values and life experiences. **