Being out of college for two years now has taught me a handful of things. One of the more important lessons that I've walked away from? People that are meant to be in your life WILL BE in your life, regardless of distance, how often you talk, or any other factor. James (or BabyJ, as I like to call him), is one of those people.

I've known him for awhile now, and have been able to see him grow up in the past couple of years -- he's now living in Georgia, serving/training as a farsi translater for the Navy (did I mention he has a super thick southern accent? It's AWESOME) - and it's been such an incredible thing to be able to watch unfold. James would literally give you the shirt off his back. Not to mention, he's got a killer sense of humor and a huge heart.

And Natalie? Oh man. I freaking love this girl. In fact, I think we talk more now than James and I do! She's the sweetest, down to earth person with a heart of gold. I knew I was going to like her because she greeted me a with a hugeee hug when I walked into their hotel room (which is also when I saw their carefully picked out outfits all across the room  - alongside a ton of awesome turquoise jewelry!). We had so much fun the day of their shoot, walking all around Charleston, getting to know each other and I'm thankful to now call Nat-attack my friend, too!

Before the shoot we talked about all the different locations we should try to hit and we settled on two: Cypress Gardens (where they shot The Notebook) & they showed me Middleton Plantation (which is in the last half of the pictures), the spot where James proposed.. treated me to an awesome Mexican meal (some delish margaritas) & and another awesome dinner at Blossom (GO. If you're ever in Charleston!)

If you can't tell, they have undeniable chemistry and they love each other so well. I literally can't imagine James with anyone else.

Cannot wait to see ya'll again! Thanks for letting me be a part of your special journey!