I know that I say this a lot, but I truly, from the bottom of my heart mean it when I say that I adore these two. I met Erica earlier this summer by the recommendation of a sweet mutual friend of ours (Brian Schindler, check him out) who used her as a second photographer in the past.

Erica messaged me soon after that and INSTANTLY we hit it off. She's sweet to her core, gentle-hearted and a phenomenal person to have by your side on a wedding day. She truly has a servant's heart and her joy and love for Jesus radiates out of her. I'm sitting here, literally tearing up because I just love this girl so much that I can't even accurately explain how thankful I am to have her consistent positive attitude on my side.

I didn't meet Jordan until the engagement session day but knowing how much Erica loves him, I knew  I couldn't wait to meet him. Again, instantly I knew I liked him. He's kind of quiet but really intentional with what he says. He also has a heart for Jesus and loves Erica so, so much. We all went out to dinner afterwards and talked music and people and life and intentionality.. what a pair, these two are. Power couple of 2014!

Since the beginning, before she was even engaged, Erica told me (in passing) that she wanted me to shoot her wedding. I laughed and shook it off but I somehow always knew we'd work together one day, so when she and Jordan picked me as their wedding photographer, my little heart was so incredibly happy. I truly can't wait to photograph their day next June and watch how they continue to flourish as individuals and grow together as a couple in the years to come.

Ya'll are stuck with me & I love you guys, very much! Thanks for putting up with all of my crazy suggestions in the FREEZING cold. You're troopers.

{Oh, and also - do yourself a favor and go spend some time on Erica's page. She's a photographer and so great at what she does.}