It's taken me quite a long time to get my look for my photography together. I believe this is called, "branding"? Since i graduated college, I have gone through a huge transformation with my work. I started to realize how important it is to take time to get everything right in camera, to style your clients in a natural and serene way, and to make them feel ANY cost. {For me, that's usually making a fool of myself!}

As important as shoots are {duh} - I believe post processing and product packaging are also important. These pictures will be around a very, very long time. They will be shown to my client's children, and entire families. They will {hopefully} be scattered around their homes in decorated picture frames, and sitting on office desks.

I want to inspire my clients and make them feel like they're opening a little gift. They're special, and they need to know that.

I found my color palette, I found my textures and my materials. It still needs some tweaking, but here you go:

Emily Chidester Photography, the tangible side.

.. well I can't give TOO much away! ;)