The internet is a funny, funny place. I get random emails all the time from encouraging people, from people asking about a certain dress (it's by Justin Alexander), to spam about male enhancement pills (still don't understand that one).. but when I got this three sentence email from a girl named Kelly in Tennessee, I had to stop and read it.

"I'm Kelly Ginn, and I just HAD to drop you a line to say YOU ARE SERIOUSLY TALENTED girl friend! I'm a wedding and portrait photographer in Tennessee, and I am just amazed with everything you post! Keep up the good work and thank you for sharing your talent with the world!"

I responded, she wrote back, I responded, she wrote back again and with that, we immediately found kinship in one another. We exchanged phone numbers and after little talk of how awesome it would be to a) meet and b) work together, her and her husband (John, who is INCREDIBLE too) bought me a ticket to meet them in Memphis! Fast forward two months to my arriving in Memphis so excited to do not one but TWO anniversary shoots of her and her husband. You see, Kelly had the prettiest Vera Wang wedding dress that I've ever laid my eyes on, so I persuaded (by asking once and her screaming yes) her to wear her wedding dress for one of the two sessions. (That'll be up next week!)

I use the term "best friend" to describe circle of friends, some from childhood, some met recently - people that I know love me and accept me and take me for who I despite some of the downright weird shit that I do. In fact some of that weirdness is what brings us together. I knew that Kelly would be one of my best friends even before I met her.

She's an incredible, sweet and fragile soul who aches to spread her wings and be the free spirit that her city sometimes can't allow.  She bleeds red for Taylor Swift & Matt Nathanson. She loves John so much that it almost doesn't seem real (it is, trust me) and pours herself into everything she does. 115%. I think some people don't understand her, so they try to put her down for being wonderful (and can I just mention that her and John both are incredible photographers who did 35 WEDDINGS their first year! Whaaat!), but Kel - don't let 'em. You're too sweet and too good. And John? Where do I start. He's a pillar of strength for Kelly. An awesome provider and source of logic for that free spirit. He keeps her tethered to the ground just long enough for her ideas to blossom and become real. And then he encourages her and helps those dreams become reality. He loves playing Call of Duty instead of hanging out with his houseguests (HA!), and can eat an entire sleeve of Chips Ahoy with Reese's. He's killer behind the lens and far too humble. He's hilarious.

To say that I love these two is a vast understatement. When I met Kelly and John and her family  back in October, I was welcomed with open hearts, arms and minds. They accepted me immediately and made me one of their own. (Her sweet, sweet mom repeatedly offered to let me stay there if I ever needed to.. she even MADE me drive her van.. long story!)

To put it mildly, lots of tears were shed at goodbye, but we ALL know it's not the last time I'll see them. Although Memphis tried to kill me, I'm heading back there in March to spend some more time with these cuties and their presh dog Tebow (almost as cute as my Murph) - and I can't wait to stuff my face with Flying Saucer and go to Urban with Kelly to spend money on things we don't need.

Meet John & Kelly Ginn. A couple with a quiet, fierce love for one another.