I second-shot these with one of my dear friends, April . Erin has been one of April's best friends since they were five years old, and Will even proposed at April's house last Christmas! I met these guys and immediately felt comfortable with them. You two are so special, so adorable, and so obviously in love.

This is their story, according to Erin..

"I am an employee at an outdoor apparel company named Mountain Khakis and with my responsibility as the Marketing Manager. I maintain all grassroots sponsorships.  One of the sponsorship projects that I have worked closely with for the past 3+ years is the Professional Cycling (road) Team that Mountain Khakis sponsors.  Each year of sponsorship, the team members (riders and management) come to Charlotte (they are based out of Winston Salem, NC) and we presents them with the 101 on MK.

In 2009 when the team came into the office (March), Will and I met for the first time but spent very little time together in the course of that day.  Over the next couple of months, through communication pertaining to the team, we exchanged emails and would occasionally see each other at local races.  In November of 2009, I received a Facebook (yes...Facebook) message from Will.  It was kind of random at first but proved to be a nice conversation of chatting and catching up.   After about 30 minutes of talking, I let Will know I needed to go but looked forward to catching up again soon; in his closing, he finally got the courage to ask me out.  We met at Dolce Vita in NODA in November of 2009 and after closing down the place, we have been together ever since!"

Thank you for letting me tag along, I hope you love them!!