home, is where i want to be
but i guess i’m already there
i come home, she lifted up her wings
i guess that this must be the place.

goodness gracious.
where do i even begin with carla? and brett? and the two of them and their incredible, easy love?

i've known carla for close to twenty years, and we've always had a really beautiful ebb and flow to our friendship. we can go months without seeing or talking to each other and pick right back up. it's a beautiful, simple friendship with years of history and memories and lots and lots of laughs.

i distinctly remember her when we were a little younger, maybe early twenties, saying she wasn't sure if she was going to get married. and i just knew that the guy that ended up being her partner in life would have to be really freaking awesome. because she is so special! enter brett. what's funny is that they knew each other from yearrrrs ago, but reconnected back in charlotte and i just knew when she told me about him at the beginning of their relationship that he was the real deal. and he is - brett is one of the kindest guys i've been lucky to know, and the way he looks at carla is with such admiration and respect. they are perfect for one another.

they were married back in december and it was incredible to have been a sweet and intricate part of her day! i was with her every step, giving opinions on her dress ideas, recommending printers and helping with invitations and seeing her inspiration boards - carla, if you can't tell, has INCREDIBLE taste. everything you see, she had her had on, from the copper wrapped gem place cards to the decorations on the cake to the intricately placed rugs for their ceremony. i loved being with them as they dodged each other getting ready (i honestly don't know how they managed to get ready in the same house and not see each other), to helping them navigate their first look, to enjoying being alone at the gorgeous van landingham where we did their portraits! 

everything about their sweet december day was absolutely, hands down, true to who they are. from her gorgeous dress and flower crown, to the art gallery full of little details. their friends and family were welcomed into such a warm and intimate atmosphere where love was definitely felt. two of the highlights of their day for me where 1. carla locking eyes with me during the ceremony, because i think that's when it hit her that it was her freaking wedding day! i saw her get a little emotional, and truthfully because i'm a sap who cries when anyone else is crying, i had to look away! and 2. her parents surprised them with a custom painting from one of their favorite local artists - definitely check out his work and the special piece they had commissioned! it highlights noda and a lot of brett & carla's favorite spots together.  

anyway, i could talk for hours about how much i love these two and how special they are to me, but i'll let my images speak for themselves <3