shelby and chase are literally some of my favorite people. 

one of my missions in booking couples is to become their friend. whether they want to be mine or not. (i'm kind of kidding.. kind of) - but with these two, our friendship was the most natural thing in the world. they are two of the most genuine, kind-hearted, gentle-spirited people i've been blessed to know and become friends with through my career as a wedding photographer! one of my favorite things about shelby and chase's day was how intentional they were about remembering and celebrating their sweet family members that had passed  - shelby had her grandfather's comb and chase wore his father's cufflinks - both were talked about, tears were shed in remembrance, and lots of laughter ensued in sharing stories! 

(not to mention, i got to shoot and hang out with the gang at morning glory farms, which is one of my FAVORITE local places to shoot. seriously. hearts of gold all around!)

anyway, i hate that i'm just now getting around to blogging their august '16 wedding, but enjoy reminiscing with me as you scroll through their day!