originally, amelia and devin were going to be married in north carolina! but when her grandmother fell ill, she decided that having her attend was wayyyyy more important than the wedding plans they had already made. so, we rearranged :)

the initial inquiry i received from amelia was so beautiful, i knew we had to work together. she sent me paragraphs, both in the inquiry and in answer to my couple's questionnaire! her vision for the wedding day was personal, intimate, just a pure reflection of the two of them and their families, their history. she got ready in her childhood bedroom with two of her best friends. him and his groomsmen did airplane bottle shots underneath the deck of his parent's beachhouse (i'm sure it wasn't the first time! haha) - i also loved that devin's band (including his brother and cousins) ended the ceremony with a really beautiful song- i don't know if there were ANY dry eyes! 

thank you guys, for bringing me to florida and allowing me to capture your sweet day!